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Strip Club Long Island

The hottest entertainment on Long Island

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We Don't Close Till The Lap Dance Is Over!

Strippers available for off-premise,
bachelor, home or private parties!

Why choose Billy Deans for hot entertainment?

Strip Club Long Island Hot Oil Wrestling
Extensive media coverage: People Magazine, New YorkHot Oil Wrestling is an interactive audience participation show where celebrators for a Bachelor Party, Birthday, "Guys Night Out" or any occasion can bid to bid to get in the wrestling ring to be a manager of a Hot Oil Wrestler. As a manager you’ll get to put the oil all over the wrestler and then get them ready for each and every round. The manager spends about a half hour in the wrestling ring having the time of his life. Manager positions are not just limited to Bachelor Parties or Birthday parties, anyone in the audience can become a manager of the Hot Oil Wrestlers. Cat fighting at its finest every Friday and Saturday nights. While all this excitement is going on in the wrestling ring our audience members are being entertained by the Round Card Girls. These sexy strippers introduce the beginning of each round before the female hot oil wrestling starts. The gorgeous G-String clad round card girls circulate thru the audience presenting $1 Lap Dances during each and every round. When they finish the "Cat Fighting" begins.


Billy Deans Entertainment known worldwide for it’s hot oil female wrestling show and amazing bachelor parties, now presents its gentlemen’s club featuring sexy strippers 7 days a week from 8pm until closing, and of course hot oil wrestling every Friday & Saturday @ 11PM. 18 to enter 21 to drink.

In 1979 Billy Deans Entertainment was born. Our credits include TV talk shows Sally Jesse Raphael, A current Affair, Mantel Williams and Maurey Povich as well as featured articles in the "New York Times", Newsday , the Daily News and People Magazine.

More importantly than how we developed our reputation is how we derived our entertainment philosophy for bachelor parties and female wrestling. That’s one easy enough to answer with two words, Billy Dean and Rori Gordon our founding corporate officers. The hallmark of Billy Deans Showtime Cafe sexy entertainers is reliability and professionalism. Their secret...wouldn’t you like to know!

Strip Club Long Island Hot Oil Female Wrestling, Lap Dances, Private VIP Bachelor Parties are just a few of the things the club has to offer. Monday Night Football during football season, specialty parties all year long make the club a great place to hang out midweek too.

The club prides itself employing college girls featuring students from Nassau, Adelphi, C.W. Post, and Hofstra colleges just to name a few. The club maintains a myspace page which you can visit anytime. Come see all of the ideas we have to make your bachelor party a memorable one.

Our venue is a labor of love and to fully appreciate it you have to know Billy and Rori. They believe presentation and professionalism work hand and hand. After an evening at "Billy Deans Showtime Cafe", we want you to recall your experience the next day. We want you to be addicted to Strip Club Long Island!

All our best,
Billy Dean and Rori Gordon
Founding owner operators, since 1979

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